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Thread: Willie, More Ramblin'

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    Smile Willie, More Ramblin'

    well, since it's easter sunday and not i'm particulary religious and have no family, it was time to go out to the pub for a couple of "frostys".
    i picked what used to be a dive, but it's been taken over by 20 year olds. at least they still play country music. no idea why these young people want to drink there, but it was packed ... guess i will have to get me a stupid wool hat and a skateboard to fit in. anyway, the music they play is very dependant on the bartender, tonite was the "young guy", so he played mostly "new country" (retch). he's a good guy and gave me every other beer free, guess i reminded him of his grandpa.

    he did play a couple of decent songs ... "The Ride" , which is very much in the spirit of "Bringin' Mary Home" and whenever i can sing "You Don't Have to call me Mister, Mister, the whole word calls me Hank", it's a good thing.
    the other song was "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again" ... in the 70's, me and my buddy smoked weed with Willie for six months or so ... i've never touched it since (lol).
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    There was nothing like the 70s.
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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