Went to a show to see a friend of mine (drummer) play lastnight. We were in a medium sized bar, and I'm watching from across the place as they set up their gear, 2 guitars and one is playing through a Single Rec and 4x12, and the other through a 100 watt Marshall DSL head and 4x12. So I'm thinking to myself, wow, if this were me I would probably stick to my 30 watter and 2x12, am I not bringing enough amp to shows like this? Well, 10 seconds into their first song, that pissing contest was over. First of all, they were wayyyy louder than I usually play, second of all, I was fine with that because they were just blasting everyone's ears out. Couldn't hear the vocals for the whole show, and it was so loud I could hardly even discern what they were playing. Can't believe I'm saying the guitars were too loud, what's happening to me? It was a crowd of 30 or so, and I would say the bar wasn't hole in the wall small, it had a small stage and could probably hold 60-70 people. I don't want to knock the guys too much, they were good, I just wish it wasn't so loud!

So what do you guys think? What would you be rocking the half stack, am I just an old geezer in a young body?