I'm a fan. I have a difficult time functioning without at least 1 cup in the morning. If I'm home, left with nothing to do, I'll drink the entire pot.

So, how do you take your coffee? Black, w/cream, sugar? Or are you a latte, mocha, americana, espresso type? Or maybe you prefer a spot of tea? Or maybe and energy drink type? Or you drink water and don't care caffeine fix?

Personally, I go straight up, black with nothing added. If I'm at a coffee shop, I'll order coffee with a shot of espresso. I like the strong flavor. Don't give me no weak ass watery coffee either. I actually prefer to brew with a mesh wire filter rather than a paper filter at home because it's more flavorful. I'll drink flavored or regular type beans, whatever suits my mood.

I really liked the place they had at PRS EXP 2012. Wish I would've bought one of the shirts, hopefully they're back this year along with Flying Dog beer.

Feel free to mention you favorite brand or flavor. I like a couple local places:
WI - http://www.steepnbrew.com/home
MN - http://www.cariboucoffee.com/page/1/home.jsp
As a default I'll buy Cameron's coffee a lot too It's usually on sale around here.

I won't spend over ten bucks/lb.(that's average high side of normal places in stores here) on anything usually, go through it to quick to be a cork sniffer(or barrel sniffer?).