Has anyone ever seen a PRS SE in opaque finish sanded down to show the wood? I was wondering how would they look like without the finishes on them, as i'm planning to get an Antique White SE Singlecut and sand it to the wood then refinish it in sunburst or probably black. Why I wanted to do so instead of getting the tobacco sunburst or black one? That's because for some unknown reason, the white SE SCs are all (wayyyyy) cheaper than the other PRS in my place, including the SE Mark Tremonti. Could be old stocks, but I don't really mind a good old unplayed axe. And on top of that, i wanted to try out refinishing a guitar, well yknow, new experiences are more precious than everything done for you straight from the factory I'm a very curious guitarist. So if anyone of you has ever done that, can you be so kind to post a couple of pics here?

Please and thanks!