well, we had i good gig tonite. i started to think about good looking women that i have met over the years.
when they were in their prime.

1. Emmylou
2. Slyvia Tyson
3. Terri Clark

all friggin' gorgeous.

i've been trying to bring some contempory sounds into my playing ... kinda back to the drawing board on that, but it got me thinkin', what songs do i really enjoy playing whether they are guitar oriented or not.

1. Goin' Home --- Alvin Lee
an oldie but a goodie.
i worked it out in '75, played it for years ... then in the middle naughts one of the british mags had a full, accurate and complete transcription.
my version wasn't totally wacked, and i mixed and matched.

2. House is Rockin' --- SRV and Lee Roy Parnell
what can i say? do a combo of both.

3. Gimme Some Lovin' --- ZZ Top
there is something about ZZ that fits so comfortably under your hand plays so easy and it's a "ton 'o fun".

we finished with a couple if AC/DC songs ... hard to beat the masters of the cowboy power chord.

white guys still can't dance ... i'm a card carrying member of that club. i'm good at the "statue" with a close second being the "easter island shuffle".

anywho, it's all good.