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Thread: What's my PRS value?

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    What's my PRS value?


    I own a MINT 95' pre factory custom 24 10 top in transparent black.
    Wanna sell it and not sure what's the correct price tag?

    here are some pics anyway:

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    Hi Daniel! Prices etc. and sales can't be discussed on this forum, though there is a dealer section for authorized PRS dealers, it's not open to private sales.

    Also, a slight correction of a commonly misunderstood term:

    "Pre-factory" means a PRS made before the original Virginia Ave factory, that is, before mid 1985. A '95 is ten years late, and whether it was built in the new factory or old one, it's a still factory made guitar.

    Just as good, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    A '95 is ten years late,
    And also maybe not from Virginia Ave.

    Hey Daniel, and welcome to the forum. Awesome Custom 24 you have there, too bad you don't want to keep it. Check out this link for some more words PRS nerds use just so you don't have too many know-it-all eBay dudes asking you questions, or correcting you. Speaking of eBay, check out completed listings and that will give you a real world selling price.

    Are you really sure you don't want to keep it?'s really nice.

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    Yup. I'd be keeping that one.
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    I hardly play it, it's just not my thing I guess.
    You're welcome to buy then (-:

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