So I've got a splitable McCarty Bass and a non-splitable 245 Treble and I'm going to be using a 5 way switch. Before I saw that the McCarty was splitable, my thought was:

1. Full Bridge, bypassing tone control
2. Full Bridge, with tone control
3. Bridge and Neck in series
4. Bridge and Neck in Parallel
5. Full Neck

Now that I see that the McCarty is splitable, I have more options...and a dilemma. How should I wire these for the most variety ( and only standard or super 5 way--no push/pulls or switches)?

The following are required, it I still have a couple positions that are open.

1. Full Bridge
2. ???
3. Both in series
4. ???
5. Full Neck.

What should I do for the other two? Parallel? Split Neck? Split Neck and Full Bridge? Some other combo? Help!