Since becoming a member here, I've noticed that many of you like/prefer TC Electronic effects pedals. Honestly, until I came here I had never heard of them. Much to my suprise, now that i have heard of them, I see them in the MF catalog, so I assume they've always been there, I just didn't pay any attention to them LOL. I currently have a BOSS GT6 Multi board, which has served me well, but i never get "exactly" the tone I'm looking for. I usually get close and just say screw it, but find myself "tweaking" on the damn think costantly "trying" to find the sounds i'm looking for. Since so many of you prefer the single analog boxes I've decided maybe its time for me to get away from the multi unit and maybe try some stomp box's. Which units do you think really compliment your PRS's? To start with, I think I'm just going to get a good distortion pedal, a good chorus pedal and maybe an overdrive/boost. Does the TC Electronic stuff have better quality effects than say Boss, who seems to have the "most" when it comes to types/selections? Tell me everything you know!