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Every effects company has its own personality when it comes to products.

TC is best known for its time based effects like choruses, delays, and reverbs, going back to its early classic chorus pedal, and its superb studio gear. They're also very, very good at digital technology.

Boss is used by lots of touring pros as well as "just plain folks", and their stuff is great bang for the buck.

Fulltone is known for its classic effects emulations, and musical usefulness, also on a great many pro pedalboards. Analog goodness.

Electro-Harmonix creates unique effects that a lot of players like, and they're pretty edgy at times. Cool stuff.

Dunlop/MXR/Way Huge also create a lot of very good bread and butter effects at good prices.

Strymon does incredible digital emulations of classic analog and digital pedals. They sound great.

Line6 probably needs no introduction - lots of folks use them. I like certain of their emulations, others are less successful, such as distortions, etc.

In addition to these, there are ten zillion other boutique pedal-makers who are putting out some very cool stuff,
perfect description! loved it