Ok...so a few days after returning from our get together...I dramatically lost hearing in my left ear....originally they thought I had an infection....but I'm not showing fluid behind the ear drum anymore.....now they think I had some sort of Barotrauma due to the flight home?!? Right ear is fine....left ear shows a loss of up to 70db in low and mid frequencies?!?! My highs are fine...typically the opposite of what you would expect in a noise induced hearing loss...I had fluid issues in the ear after the flu in January...I was fine when we were playing (outside of the normal ringing)...I could hear Chris snoring just fine...my left ear didn't pop on the flight home....I seemed to be fine by Wednesday night(i did not play wednesday night) then When I woke up on Thursday....i was practically deaf in one ear except for insane ringing..... WTF?!?! I've seen an ENT and another super specialist.... I'm on massive doses of steroids, antibiotics, and have an MRI scheduled...anyone have anything this ridiculous happen?