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Thread: Anyone spontaneously lose hearing in an ear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMoonsRJT View Post
    he she assured me it was not noise induced!

    heck she cleared me to go to Crossroads Festival tomorrow!!! (I will be bringing a wide selection of earplugs)
    That's fantastic Bob. A clean bill of health and a concert within 24 hours. If you have a designated driver, the weekend is complete! Good for you, my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markie View Post
    Bob & Pete, Where's your new avatar ?????????????????????????????????????????????
    Well I took very few photos, and none of the right subject.

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    Good stuff bud!

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    hi. my hearing is also due to standing close to speakers at heavy metal shows. a had an mri done and a bone , very little one, behind the ear drum is broken. it can be fixed with surgery bur i have not done that yet. i also experienced what you described.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMoonsRJT View Post
    I wanted to give you guys a quick and hopefully final update....I appreciated all of the support you gave to me. THANK YOU ALL!

    I went to the doctor today. My ear has dramatically improved....I would say it is close to 90% better. Per the audioligist exams my hearing is normal with the exception of a 5db dip at 4000Hz...Heck of a lot better than down 70+DB!!!! Thank God! Eardrum looks vastly improved...pressure trauma is healing up well...much better...weening off the drugs now...will check back with the doctor periodically per a schedule...but looks good! I'm not supposed to fly for a few months but I can live with that...that was a pretty scary experience!!!

    Doctor's final diagnosis for those of you who want to know the details--Issue most likely due to fluid in the ear when I flew leading to Ear Barotrauma when it didn't equalize properly -this damage created a vulnerability to either a viral or bacterial infection of the inner ear or set up a condition akin to endolymphatic hydrops (not full blown Ménière's disease).

    Best advice-----take a decongestant before you fly or you could severely and/or potentially permanently damage your ears! I've flown countless times...never thought twice...I'll make sure to take necessary precautions next time!

    Thank you all guys are the best!
    Great news, glad things are pretty much back to normal!
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    There are many type of hearing loss. The one that you are going trough may be the conductive hearing loss. All that can be done now is follow up with the doctor and see what he suggest the reason is and how can it be corrected.

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