If you could relive a year which would it be and why?

I would have to go with 2001. In my spring semester of college I had taken an honors class that was taught by a printmaker that I would end up studying under for some time. He was the head of 2D design department, printmaking, and the visiting artist program. He really took to me and helped get my work going in a positive direction. I also had a great summer. I rented this house that had an amazing view over a small valley. It was in the middle of nowhere basically. I still miss this pad. I was also playing quite a bit of guitar, listening to tons and tons of music and spending every weekend with the gf, now the wife.

That fall I started a senior staff student resident assistant gig on campus. I not only had to deal with the students but I also managed seventeen other team members. The job really helped me grow in a lot of ways. During this time I also got into technology as a way to solve a number of my problems. This turned into side cash and made the grass seem greener than art so it took up the majority of time pretty quickly.

In the end I opted for computer science and information system technology after wrapping up my art degree. While I miss being involved in the art scene there's no way I would be where I am at without getting into tech. I have put making art and getting some sales on my 2013 resolution list. It hasn't happened yet, but soon.

What about you?