Inspired by Darren's thread about the Spider capo...

If you're into alternate tunings, is a pretty good resource. A wealth of printed music, discussion forums, accessories, and quite a list of alternate tunings (by song) used by a pretty decent list of artists. I used to go to the site a lot for info about Michael Hedges, but not so much in the last few years. I have picked up all of the Hedges transcriptions from the site (and even learned all...uh, one of them).

Thought it was worth pointing out and figured it might even kick-start a discussion of alt tunings, so...have at it.

Haven't done much with them myself - the one Hedges tune (which was probably the closest he came to playing in standard), and one original. I am having fun w/the Spider capo, though - a neat way to get those ringing open strings w/o changing everything.