As I have written before, I have had some challenges getting my Bernie adjusted..The guy at our local nationwide chain guitar shop "Bong hit Bubba' only charged me 40 dollars but it sounded worse than when I brought it..So then I schooled myself and still cant get the intonation right or buzz out of the strings..So at a Urgent Care clinic (I have a bone infection in my foot, yah foot and mouth disease ha) i met a guy who gave me a number to an A1 Luthier.. So I call him and tell him whats going on and he sounds just like that Bob Ross dude from PBS that used to paint those pictures of cabins by lakes and had a Xanax monotone, and he says ( I swear) " Well...why dont we have supper one night and we can discuss your guitar" WTH??? What is it, am I just snake bit????