As I have said before..I really like this board..I learn a lot here and everyone here helps me with any question I have no matter how trivial.. But i would like to say.." I am thick skinned, and dont get offended". I loved having fun on Facebook, me and a lot of my friends I work with cut up.. But there are people , mostly women, who read our posts and want to laugh too.. But I always warn them that our humor even though its not vulgar it is crass at times.. Well this last week I had a friend that made a joke about Chuck E. Cheese and Penn State and this one woman who wasnt on my friends list just lost her mind..It was on my board but I didnt post it..So, I cancelled my account when she called my house(her family knows my family) and left a six minute lambasting of how I was unsympathetic to abused children.. I dont need this in my life right now. But hay..Just wanted to tell everyone here, I can take ribbing..In Fact I believe Laughter is the best medicine!

I did find a luthier that does not want a relationship..He gets out of prison in 2016.