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Thread: Artist series and Cu22 semi hollow question.

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    Artist series and Cu22 semi hollow question.

    I knows this pertains to artist 3s, but does anyone know when and why PRS made the semi hollow option bodies on these guitars thicker? Were artist 2 semi hollows the same thickness? IMO, this was one of the biggest brainstorms (tonally speaking) PRS has had. The extra depth coupled with the semi hollow body makes the guitars totally come alive, and rounds and sweetens the tone. Oddly, years later (2010 I think) when they released the CU22 semi hoillow LTDs (which is one of my favorite PRSs ever) they left the standard (solidbody) depth to the body, and did not increase it. If they had increased the depth to the former thickness, they would have hit it out of the country, not just the park. There is also a "chambered" thickness that is right in between the semi hollow and solid body depth. These are really nice as well, but the full semi hollow yields the best tone IMO. Any information on these guitars would be greatly appreciated, as I am addicted to them. (But its a GOOD addiction!)

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    Semi-hollow and chambered bodies SING!!! I never noticed the thickness thing, but thicker depth would likely give you more of your intended effect. The following info is from memory, and may not be accurate, but I think that the "McCarty thickness" is only 1/16" deeper.

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