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Thread: More Paisley [Brad this time]

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    More Paisley [Brad this time]

    Was looking thru the new GuitarWorld and was pretty surprised to see them giving some props to country guitarists and with Brad Paisley on the cover too boot. Very unusual for them and refreshing for someone like myself who loves country but never gets to play it anymore. They have "Sharp Dressed Man" transcribed, I had never heard his version before so I headed over to "" to take a listen . Wow, that old saying is true "you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy". I loved it, but I suspect I'm in the distinct minority.

    Wonder if I can get my SAStudio to "twang" like that? No matter, wouldn't fit into our setlist anyway ... my bandmates would go apeshit and our audience would just stand around looking like this ... or this

    Regardless, I can't "twang" like that anymore anyway, but I might take a go at the transcription.
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