Milestone of a day for me... not in a good way, but also not in a bad way I suppose. I sold my first PRS (first one I ever owned that is) - an 06 SE Custom. Great guitar, but it's acquired some cosmetic damage over the years, and with my other SE's, it was a bit redundant. I repaired a few blems the best I could and sold her to a nice guy for a great price, and I think it all worked out - he gets a good deal on a good axe, and I'm thinning out some amps and guitars (to put the money towards something special, there's always a catch ).

Sometimes you've gotta let em go - this guitar was my learning canvas, for playing, for modding, for repairing. Not a super special guitar by most people's standards but it got me through a lot of gigs and never let me down. I think that says a lot for a guitar that I bought secondhand on a college budget, and put a LOT of hours on. Hopefully the next owner gets as much out of her as I did!