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Thread: PRS Custom Tremelo System

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    PRS Custom Tremelo System

    Hi everyone - this is my first post, so here goes...
    I am now the very proud owner of a Custom 22 "Dirty Dozen" guitar. Needless to say, it's a beautiful thing - plays like a dream, build quality and sound second to none as you would expect.
    My ONLY criticism of this wonderful instrument is the lack of a cavity under the floating trem at the bridge, which prevents a more pronounced "up" bend - the trem block contacts the top of the guitar giving only a semitone-and-a-bit, which is fine for vibrato, but that's about it.
    I'm sure that the great minds at Stevensville have thought about this, and perhaps even made a few private guitars with this feature, so I'm not pretending that what I'm saying is groundbreaking or anything.
    Could be it's to do with resonance or stability or something, but other makers have this feature without too many issues.
    Just strikes me that an already pretty versatile guitar could be made even more so, that's all.
    Having said all this, it's the best guitar I've ever owned by a country mile, just need to carry on running on that hamster wheel in an attempt to make my playing come somewhere near to the quality of the thing!
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    the tremonti models have that trem-up route, i'd guess you could take it to PTC and see what can they do for you

    or even easier, set it to float higher, but that'd be troublesome if intonation set-up is not your expertise :/

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