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Thread: Work Commute - Using The Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by markie View Post
    I drive about 2 minutes each way. Not enough time to listen to a whole song, so I just leave the radio off most of the time.............
    For real? Why not just walk?

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    My commute is an hour each way. I listen to music, NFL talk radio etc. Sometimes I record riffs on my iphone, I just use the voice memos. The next day I listen to the riffs on the way in to work and think about song ideas, lyrics etc. The quality isn't great but it is really convenient to get the idea down so you don't forget it.

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    I'm fortunate enough to work at home three days a week (only had to go crazy to get it!), but the other days, it's about 30 in and 40 back if traffic is good. Lately, I've been listening to podcasts most of that time - Smodcast, a Zappa podcast, the Nerdist or Off The Air With Chick McGee. If not that, satellite radio. Or I'll throw in an album off my iPod.

    My CD player in my van died, and since that's the vehicle I take on longer trips (like, say, to a little factory on Kent Island), I had to have a new radio right away. This one has the CD player - and inputs for my iPod! No more boxes of CDs or burning MP3s for the drive! And it gets much louder than the factory radio.

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