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Thread: Aftermarket case for my SE 24

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    Aftermarket case for my SE 24

    Hey everyone I was going to get a hard or soft case for my SE 24 and wanted to ask everyone their opinions on what you guys and gals have. I have the PRS SE Gig Bag but wanted to upgrade. The one I was looking at was the Kaces Boutique Line Polyfoam Electric Guitar Case, KPFE-07. I have a "On Stage" case I keep my Peavey Preditor in.(Strat Body style) I tried my SE and it is very loose. I was wanting to stay around $ 100.00 / $150.00. Thanks Everyone, JT

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    The PRS hardshell case from Sweetwater is nice, and it fits my SE 24, SE Santana perfectly.
    My 2012 SE Tremonti Custom however the neck would not lay flat in it, so I went with a case built like a tank from SKB and it fits the Tremonti perfectly, and it will also fit the other SEs perfectly too.
    You can read about it here.

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    I'd recommend the PRS Vintage Case as well from Sweetwater, actually any authorized dealer can get them.

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