I'm ready to change the pickups in my SE Santana and I would like to ask the audience if you will. She currently has a good set of McCarty pups that I like but I want to LOVE. All the other hardware is upgraded to Maryland Made components as well, for what it's worth. My McRosie has 53/10s and I adore those pickups. Sweet split tones and a nice warm growl with that RW neck. The Custom 22 has A set of O.G. Dragon pups that I had covered and they are just plain awesome. Nice chugga chugga but the covers seemed to have "sweetened" them up overall. Very nice... My DGT has, you guessed it, DGT pups. Love 'em!!! It's my blues machine and then some. The SE One has a Lollar P90.

I want something that will compliment the rest of the family but with a different flavor... I am completely open and would really appreciate your input and suggestions, as well as any tonal characteristics/details regarding the pups you would recommend...

Please and Thanks!!!