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Thread: Help choosing PRS pickups!

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    Help choosing PRS pickups!

    I have a P22 and I want new pickups. I find the 53/10 to be too low output for my taste, specially the bridge. I love the Tremonti treble, but that pickup is just too hot sometimes.What's under the Tremonti treble in output?What set would you recommend? I tend to use drop tunings and play stuff with quite some gain. I want a screaming lead tone!
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    I think you'd be happy with 59/09s in your P22. I've played one with a set of those and it had a very nice snarl/growl that you don't quite achieve with 53/10s. Not as hot as the Tremonti but they definitely handle gain differently than a 53/10... I'm not saying better but definitely closer to what you're looking for.. I'd recommend you just quick check a few YouTube vids to get a taste of the 59/09 flavor...

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    I'm a little biased, but I'm all over the 59/09 or if you're not looking to drop that much cash, some #7's (might not have the output you're looking for, but do very well with the amp pre doing a bit more work).

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    barney, you had said you want something under tremonti's pickup in terms of output, was it just marginally lower or you want it to be distinguishably lower?

    if you are looking for modern tones (from your Tremonti pickup preference), i'd say SC250 set or the HFS/VB set maybe (a BIG maybe) the ones for you.

    for a more vintage-tinged yet hot (just that slightly more versatile) tone, like everyone else had suggested, the 59/09 set. lots of rave reviews on them.

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