Ever since I was a teenager I have wanted to own all of those "Top Shelf" guitars that my idols played. It all started with wanting a Gibson Les Paul because of Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Brother Zakk, Slash. Then it was Charvels and Jackson's because that's what all the Metal Shreaders played, Mustaine, Hammett, Hetfield, King, etc. Then it was Ibanez because of Vai and Satch. ESP because of Lynch, When I got older I started chasing tone and and the blues so I had to have Fenders because of Clapton and SRV. Now that I'm older its all about those guitars that I could either never afford, or couldn't justify the cost.......PRS. With smart phones and iPads at my beck and call I find my self constantly on the hunt for a killer deal on a killer guitar. That helps me justify the tens of thousands of dollars that I spend.

Well today I ordered 2 more PRS masterpieces to add to the stable! Big shout out to Doug Diamond at Wild West and Brian from Brian's Guitars for working with me! If ever you need good people to work with on finding your "Killer Deal" they are top notch. And yes I know the forum rules.....it doesn't count unless you have photos! LOL