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Thread: PRS Torero - goodbye EMGs, hello DiMarzio Gravity Storms!

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    PRS Torero - goodbye EMGs, hello DiMarzio Gravity Storms!

    Hi there,

    I picked up a PRS Torero recently. Great guitar, and I love PRS' foray into the super-strat. Plays really very well indeed.

    However, I am not a big fan of EMGs. My tech has replaced these with DiMarzio Gravity Storms (Steve Vai's latest pickup set) and also installed a push/pull switch on the tone control for coil splits. A high fret (19th) has also been fixed as there was a 'dead spot' with bends that needed resolving.

    PRS Torero - Now with DiMarzio Gravity Storm pick-ups by mewcenary, on Flickr

    Sounds like a new guitar! Looks gorgeous (the new pickups look great) and sounds amazing. It's a shame really that PRS went with EMGs for this particular guitar -- passives have so much more flexibility!

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    Cool! The Terero has really grown on me. I'd like to get one for hacking at some Vai type stuff. Agreed the EMG's would have to go.

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    Those look like big frets, too. Kinda uncharacteristic for a shred axe.

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