hi new member here wondering if anyone has ever seen a archtop IV like this. http://img.tweedehands.nl/f/preview/...archtop-iv.jpg its a maple back with spruce top which has p90 in it i have never seen before. im also wondering if there are different dimensions for different archtop models. (mentioned elsewhere on this forum) i always thought the hollowbody to be its smaller twin. (at first only in depth now it seems the archtop is twice its size) im wondering before purchase as not to regret buying an archtop instead of a hollow. currently own prs 10 mccarty tabacco sunburst birds prs custom 22 whale blue moon inlay locking tunerens whammy prs eg-4 (limited) all black strat model ibanez jem 7vwh signed with bridge stabilizer and old bridge richwood artist re-129 vanderson steel string lne 6 spider jam peavey vk100 amp+cab engl invader 150 amp+cab thnx bio