Hey all,

I've had a SE Custom 24 and SE Tremonti for a while. Very good quality Korean guitars. However, the time had come to trade them in for a US model.

I tried a selection at my local dealer. First of all, I wanted to see if I wanted a Custom 24, or perhaps a 513 or DGT? I tried the 513 - sounded too muddy. The DGT? Very nice but I guess I just prefer a single volume control, and wanted to retain the 24 fret format.

It then come down to which neck: Pattern regular or pattern thin? The SE is the equivalent of pattern thin. I did try both but the pattern thin won out -- it just seemed the best fit for me, given my super-strat background, and even my American Standard strat has the 'Modern C' neck shape.

Finally, colour! The Eriza Verde is visually stunning, especially combined with the natural wood backing.. However, it was just TOO green for me. Other options? Smoked Cherry Sunburst (gorgeous, but my strat has that colour) and Teal Black (a bit _too_ understated).

So I went with Faded Blue Burst, and here she is!

PRS Custom 24 - Front shot by mewcenary, on Flickr

PRS Custom 24 - Body by mewcenary, on Flickr

PRS Custom 24 - Headstock by mewcenary, on Flickr

I've finished setting her up to my tastes and she is playing and sounding great! Compared to my SE, the most notable improvements (apart from general fit and finish, and the look) is the feel of the neck and the tuners. All very nice and looking forward to further playtime!