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    Another Interesting Nite

    Went to pick up my SAStudio from a guitar tech (also a friend), who had just finished putting a Nailbomb in the bridge pickup. We decided to go for a brew and ended up at my favourite pub where my favourite band was playing. We arrived just before the first set. This guy knows everyone and harassed the leader to let me play, so I was able to play the last song in the first set ... it was kinda slow at that point. You all know what's that about ... let the dick play, get him the **** away. So, I plug in and set the amp up (I'm pretty quick) and I step up to the front and notice that the Bass player turns the amp down, probably to about half-way. So we start the song (Love Struck Baby). Anyway, we start the tune and about halfway thru I see the guitar guy give the Bass dude the "hey, the boy can play" look, he turns the amp up and it was pretty cool. They let me play the second and third set with them ... very Hendrix and SRV oriented and they gave me a mic. Now, I was mostly a good boy but the guitarist (who is unbelievable) tends to futz around sometimes, so since they gave me a mic and he was screwing around, I basically made them play "Hot Rod Lincoln" and "White Wedding". It was all good. PRSi kicked some serious ass.
    Man, I guess it's more than a little arrogant and self-serving, but, damn, it's fun to be able to play at a high level and not be intimidated.
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