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Thread: The PRS Tone Knob - Why is it the most musical?

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    The PRS Tone Knob - Why is it the most musical?

    One thing that has always really set PRS guitars apart for me was their tone knob; it's the single most musical tone knob I've ever used and has the sweetest frequency when rolled completely off. The obvious question is...WHY? 500k pots, .022uF cap, it's setup just like a Gibson. So why do my Gibson tone pots suck and PRS tone pots kick it so much?

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    I think the Gibson pots will be lower quality. Anything to make more profit.

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    That's just one of the small (or not so small) details that gets overlooked when you hear someone moan and groan about the cost of a PRSi (in reality they are in the same ball park as the other mfgs but it's all perception). In my experience, you get what you pay for and Paul's attention to the details that really matter to players is what truly sets PRS apart. Just look at what he's done over the last few years, new (old) neck carve options, new pickups, new bridge designs, new finish, new pickup switching combinations all to make "That tone in your head" more achievable.

    As for the tone knob, I would bet it is something relatively simple that has been overlooked by other guitar makers.
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    I think the tone knob with 408's is extremely useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb View Post
    I think the tone knob with 408's is extremely useful.
    Best pickup and tone knob combi I've ever used.
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