There are a few discussions about this at another PRSForum. There is mention (here) of PRS not being able to source raw materials...or that they "ran out of wire"..??

What is the raw material they can't get? Nickel? Cobalt? Aluminum? Copper? Plastic? Screws? slugs? Rounded bobbins?

And when PRS came out with the 5x/xx pups, wasnt the claim to fame that PRS had found and bought the machine that made the wire for the PAFs? Is the machine broken? Was it just a rental?

Of course I'm being sarcastic and cheeky but really...WHY did they actually stop offering them? Was there some unobtanium in them that wasnt in the other 5x/xx pups? Was it also in the 59/09s? They seem to be becoming scarce too.

Thanks for the clarification.