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Thread: PRS Studio owners' Poll

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    PRS Studio owners' Poll

    For those of you who own PRS Studios, please let us know what you think of them.

    I got one in Dec 2011. I found the 57/08 bucker to be WAY underpowered compared to the NFs on that platform. I tried adjusting the heights to balance them out but I couldnt get real successful. It wasnt until I replaced the 57/08 with a more beefy (A2) bucker in the bridge position that my Studio became my favorite and #1 and go-to weapon in my stage arsenal.

    There don't seem to be a lot of PRS Studio owners out there. I even have a hunch that the model will be discontinued due to poor sales numbers (completely a GUESS). Like I said...I LOVE mine and it's the most versatile guitar I've ever owned. But not only is it OK at a lot of is AWESOME for a lot of stuff. It's an overacheiver as a bucker guitar, as a Fender tone impersonator like none other, it feels's PERFECTION...for me anyway.

    So I'd like to know what the other Studio owners (both of you lol) think of them.
    Did you sell it to get a different guitar (a DGT seems to be what most people who bought a Studio traded it for)? Do you still have your Studio but it doesnt get played so will probably be sold? you LOVE the HECK out of your Studio in a "cold dead hands" kind of way? Ahhh..let's add another...did you not love your Studio..UNTIL you swapped the 57/08 bucker?

    Thanks for playing.

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    I love mine! And I really like that the neck and middle pickup aren't underpowered compared to the bridge 'bucker like so many HSS guitars. I haven't noticed that the 57/08 is "weak" compared to the NF's.

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    And I thought this was going to be the PRS "Studio owners' poll."

    I have a studio and I love it.

    I just don't have a PRS Studio guitar.
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    I bought my Studio in January this year so have not owned it for long. I love the quality and playability of it,but have done a coupleof small mods. I found that the tone control was not very effective unless the volume was up pretty full, and when I looked into it found that the circuit was not wired up as per the schematic. The tone feed was coming from the volume wiper lug and not from the hot end of the pot as it should have been. I checked this out with the support guys and they said that I was correct, although they still ship guitars wired up that way. I changed the wiring and it made all the difference to the tone control. The other mod was to fit a slightly shorter trem arm as I found the stock arm threw my hand too far up towards the neck pickup.
    All in all, a great and versatile instrument.

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    new PRS STUDIO

    i bought mine in march this year and haven't owned it long. the prs quality feels hands down awesome when it in my hands. I haven't done any major modifications except put locks for my guitar strap. change the string guage to 9.5 guage D addario, i typically play 9-46 guage on my telecasters, and by changing the string guage on my PRS studio to 9.5 guage has made a world of difference on the guitar not feeling a tad-bit stiff. The neck is a bit smaller than the DGT and is what swayed me to get the studio over the DGT, and also hearing WADE BOWEN new lead guitar player play a PRS studio covering texas country music sold me !

    I really like the combination of the narrow field and the 57/08 pickups. Both My pickups output are very well balanced , the neck tone is not louder than the 57/08 bridge pickup. Even the 2nd and 4th postions volume are not lacking in output which is great for live situations and saves me from having to re adjust my amp volume ..... i think the 57/08 coil spllitted sounds a bit thin , but not a deal breaker. The weight of the studio is also not back breaking , a bit heavier than the PRS mira what i use to play but still comfortable. I have to say when i opened the case for the first time the guitar was set up perfect and stays in tune really well.

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    I've had mine for almost a year and love it. A little heavier than I usually like, but very versatile. Mine is stock, though I have spent a lot of time adjusting/dialing in the pickups. I also blocked the trem and lowered the action quite a bit (for more spank), and it's pretty much perfect now. With some gain/grit, the volume/tone knobs are very sensitive and you can go from clean/chimey to screaming gain just with the volume knob. Took me a while to figure that out, as I'm usually a clean player. Again, with some gain, you can definitely go from Stratty-quack to Tele-spank to fat bucker tones. When playing with a pure/non-gritty clean tone, it just gets muddy when you roll the volume down. But with a Vox and some Marshall-inspired pedals, I'm able to get some great chime/grit/distortion all by using the volume/tone knobs. I think it's a keeper, and I love that it's a modern instrument with looks/tones that are a little different.

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    I really like mine but...

    Great guitar! Gets a lot of play alongside my Tyler and other customs. The pattern thin neck is REALLY nice, reminds me of my old Ibanez's.But I did notice something that makes it a no go for certain songs: no harmonics pinch or otherwise on the neck pickup. Must be the pickup placement at a null node but unless I also have the center pickup engaged I get no harmonics at all. This does unfortunately also affects the overall tone of the neck pickup making it a bit thinner than it could be where the natural string harmonics present.Not a breaker though, the guitar sounds fantastic and plays great and as always with PRS looks unbelievably good..

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    One of two (maybe three) sellers remorse guitars...

    Mike Cantrell

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    My old style Studio.

    From the People's Republic of Maryland (One beer away from the West Street Shop)

    GO NATS!

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    I was all set to buy an SC245 and i saw a studio on the shelf, and thought why not try it out. The sound of those pickups instantly blew me away and I ordered one on the spot in the colour I wanted. It's such a fantastic sounding instrument. I can't wait to get mine.

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    I bought one, played it that night at our weekly jam. Great guitar, just not for me. My bass player and I both prefer my DGT Std over the studio. We both prefer the studio for clean rhythm parts and the DGT for the distorted solo parts. I did like the sound of the 57 08 in the bridge for soloing, but when I switched to the neck pup, it was lacking compared to the DGT neck humbucker. I always switch from neck to bridge while soloing, so the Studio just didn't cut it for me.
    But, when playing clean rhythm, especially in positions 2 and 4, with stereo chorus on coming out of 2 amps, the tone was to die for! If I was a gigging musician or studio musician, I would have kept the guitar. But, I am not gigging currently and I'm not recording in a studio, so I just couldn't justify tying up more money in another guitar when I have too many as it is. I bought mine new for only $1,700 when GC had a sale a month or so ago. It was normally $2,700, so I got a great deal. I kept it for one day, that was all I needed to know, so It would give them a chance to sell to someone else. The experience did inspire me to get rid of some other guitars that just don't get enough play time any more. The PRS Studio is a great guitar though.
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