For those of you who own PRS Studios, please let us know what you think of them.

I got one in Dec 2011. I found the 57/08 bucker to be WAY underpowered compared to the NFs on that platform. I tried adjusting the heights to balance them out but I couldnt get real successful. It wasnt until I replaced the 57/08 with a more beefy (A2) bucker in the bridge position that my Studio became my favorite and #1 and go-to weapon in my stage arsenal.

There don't seem to be a lot of PRS Studio owners out there. I even have a hunch that the model will be discontinued due to poor sales numbers (completely a GUESS). Like I said...I LOVE mine and it's the most versatile guitar I've ever owned. But not only is it OK at a lot of is AWESOME for a lot of stuff. It's an overacheiver as a bucker guitar, as a Fender tone impersonator like none other, it feels's PERFECTION...for me anyway.

So I'd like to know what the other Studio owners (both of you lol) think of them.
Did you sell it to get a different guitar (a DGT seems to be what most people who bought a Studio traded it for)? Do you still have your Studio but it doesnt get played so will probably be sold? you LOVE the HECK out of your Studio in a "cold dead hands" kind of way? Ahhh..let's add another...did you not love your Studio..UNTIL you swapped the 57/08 bucker?

Thanks for playing.