Hello all,

A recent thread reminded me that I've never played a Santana. I'm considering selling a couple more guitars and diversifying my collection, so I'd like to try one. There are a few that are piquing my interest. I know the West St. Ltd., the DC22, and the KL-33 are all basically Santanas. Have any of you tried these different models?

PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they all have the Santana neck carve? I know they all have different pickups. What do the West St. pickups in the Westy sound like? I know the DC22 has 59/09s, which I like a lot. I love korina guitars, but I know the KL has Mira pickups, which aren't my favorites, so a pickup change would probably be in order.

Are any of these worth considering, or should I hold out for a Santana? Any recommendations?