I just purchased an NF3. I was so jazzed to let this beautiful guitar rip last night at my gig. First of all, my band tunes down a half step. Dont ask why, I dont agree with it either. It took about 30 minutes to get it to hold a stable tuning. I suppose it is because of the floating bridge. After that is seemed to hold just fine. I have a custom leather strap that I used for the night. I saw the extra large buttons and thought that it would make it through the gig until I could get some strap locks on it. It DIDN'T! Just before the very first song of the night. BAM the rear of the guitar crashes on to the tile stage so hard it bent the plug on the cable. I didn't understand it. It wasn't easy to get the strap around that large button. I now have a nickel sized chip on the base of my brand new PRS. I was soooooo bummed. I am on my way to get a set of stap locks for it now. I am afraid that the chip will fall out leaving a nickel sized area of bare wood. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will probably have to take it to a luthier for repair. Does PRS do any of this kind of work? What is the recommended strap lock system for this. On a good note, I used another strap for the evening and was extremely careful with it. This guitar has the most amazing tone and feel That I have ever experienced.