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Thread: NAGD - SE Angelus Standard

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    NAGD - SE Angelus Standard

    Did not expect this to happen. Was at my local guitar shop and lo' and behold, they had hanging on the wall both the SE Angelus Standard and the Custom, both with electronics. I have been jonesing to try these puppies out since seeing them at last year's Experience. Both guitars were extremely comfortable to play - they sat well on my lap and the necks were very smooth. And unsurprising for PRS guitars, I did not see a flaw on either of them. Just plain gorgeous guitars. After hogging them all afternoon, I ultimately decided I had to have ... the hog. It just sounded perfect for what I want. I have a very nice Taylor rosewood, so I thought a mahogany would be a perfect complement. Now, I am not so sure the Taylor will get much love at my household. I am not sure you can find a better overall guitar (either the Standard or the Custom) for under $1K.

    Now, for the pics ...

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    That is really beautiful. I'm almost ready to spring on a new acoustic. Leaning towards the Taylors but I think I need to find one of these PRSi to play first. Congrats on the new ax!
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    Gorgeous. I think these have it all over a Taylor, regardless of the money.

    And I've had several high end Taylors.
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    Fantastic looking guitar. And I agree with Les, they do sound fantastic. I suspect it's the hybrid bracing that has a lot to do with the sound, but whatever the PRS fairy dust is on these things, it's GOOD. These things are gonna be huge sellers for PRS, their sound/pricepoint combination is unreal.
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    Very nice. I have the same guitar, only without the electronics. I cannot say enough great things about it. Best guitar out there for the money, and better than alot of guitars that cost alot more money.

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    These are amazing. Congrats, man!
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    It's not that Taylors aren't good, but I just can't get them to sit the way I like in a mix. They play easily, they're nicely made. But if I'm recording, I tend to dig the PRS acoustics, Martins, Gibsons and Collings more. I think there's more fundamental relative to the overtone structure, and that helps.

    The PRS acoustics, whether SE or Mary;and made, have a nice tonal balance.
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    Awesome! I have the same model and I love it more every time I play it. The mahogany just imparts such a nice earthy midrange.

    The problem with Taylors is that their mahogany/spruce options are limited. And the narrower neck width on the SE Angelus is superior, in my opinion.

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