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Thread: '05 McCarty to get full treatment

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    Talking '05 McCarty to get full treatment

    Hi everyone! It's nice to be here. Been playin for about 25 years now.

    I recently found out about the PTC as I was doing research on my new guitar (a stunning DGT 10 top in Natural Tobacco Burst. My 2nd PRS).

    So I figured while I'm putting the new guitar through its paces, I would send my old '05 McCarty in for some upgrades

    I emailed Shawn and decided on:

    • Setup
    • New DGT Frets
    • Refinish in Black Gold Wraparound Burst

    As you can see, this will be a new guitar once Shawn and his crew get done with it! Needless to say, I'm pumped!

    I bought this McCarty used off Ebay around '07 or '08 I think. I don't know much about it unfortunately. I was curious if anyone knows any details of this particular model year?
    I definitely appreciate the rich sound and it's been my only electric guitar since I bought it (I've owned Fenders and Ibanez in the past).

    I've liked the Tortoise color but always found it a bit bland. The new Black Gold will make the grain show nicely, I hope!

    As you may be able to see, there looks to be some nice grain under that Tortoise Shell!


    Here's a thread on the new DGT:
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