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    The DC22 Story

    If you've been on this forum awhile you may have stumbled up this model. The DC22. It was a wood library run a few years ago limited to 25 pieces. All moons. 2 colors. These two colors are unique to the DC22 not in name but in the way the finish is applied. I used to work for Gibson Custom Shop, and the DC22 was drawn up to pull Gibson guys who thought PRS perhaps too pretty over to the brand. At that company, with regards to the Historic Program, rather than stain the raw wood a sealer coat was applied first. While they don't pop as hard as a PRS they do have a cool vintage flicker. The Santana neck profile is very close to the '59 historic neck. The body...reminiscent of another DC. The wraptail bridge....... you get the idea. Nitro top coats and a satin finish on the back of the neck to be just a no frills workhorse. We came back the following year with a second run of those two colors, now in V12 (glossy back of neck on this version) , and also offered the oh so sexy birds-10 tops/PRS-style stained beauties in 3 other colors. There has been a rediscovery of this model recently, as well as a significant price reduction. I've seen some posted on this site but thought I'd put one of each color up for you to eyeball. Just a note, if you look at our website by serial # it may not be completely current. Best to check with me on availability. Thanks, Chris Swope 816.423.4970
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