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Thread: Paul's Guitar and Sweet 16+ in action

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    Paul's Guitar and Sweet 16+ in action

    Wow that amp sounds killer, I'm sold. Strange to see the man on a Tele...
    (can't figure out how to embed vid)
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    Use the video tag in the line above where you type your text, and shorten the URL to get out the code not needed.
    Here is the code you need:

    This was the full code that needed editing.
    Delete all the extra jargon including the & symbol.

    Also sometimes YouTube adds in a "S" after "http", and you need to take out the s if they have it in there, or the video will not embed.

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    That was fun!
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    That was cool looks like Paul could'nt wait to get his guitar back
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    That's awesome. Paul's new guitar in Aqua Violet is sick! And through a 16+??? Sounded good.
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