I was doing setup at a gig 15 years ago. Got tuned up, amp ready and was taking guiitar off to do final preps before show when i knocked pick up out of the strings. I felt it fall but didnt see it on the floor. Not sure why, but i was getting pissed because it fell on floor but i couldnt find it anywhere. Then it became an obsession,"where the hell did that stupid pick go!!!!!!!". The guys were sayin, its just a pick, not a big deal. But it ticked me off, i know it fell on the floor and i cant just vanish.

Eventually i let it go, but still curious as to WTH!!!!

Later, when i got home i started getting ready to shower. Cant go to bed smelling like a bar ya know.

Well i found that missing guitar pick. It was in my underwear!!!!! I had my shirt tucked in and it must have fell in my shirt making its way down.

Thank god i didnt get caught pickin my butt!!!!!!!