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Thread: Have You Ever Been Betrayed?

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    Betrayed, abused, depleted and forsaken.

    They say that time heals, though they fail to mention it's a LONG time (years) and you suffer horribly THE WHOLE TIME, every day, always with a fresh start. Like after the little wound on your heart heals, you cut it again... and again... and in the end your entire heart consists of scar tissue and that's when it stops hurting, but you can never forget.

    Is it really better to love and lose, than to never love at all? Is it better to suffocate than to never breathe in the first place? I don't think so.
    Love for all human beings is like listening to any kind of music. You just don't care.
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    To quote John those who are "the betrayers".....

    "Time wounds all heels"

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