Hi everyone, I have finally made the leap and decided to spring for a PRS. I've been playing for 15 years, and recently realized that I've never spent more than $750 on a guitar, even though I've spent upwards of $10000 on amps.
So, PRS here I come! I've narrowed it down to the Custom 24. I went out and played a few yesterday and I am in love. I'm going to order it online, as I just can't justify paying that much for a guitar that isn't BRAND new in the box. My problem is, nobody at the store could tell me if the Custom 24s I was playing were the thin neck option or not... I played a 513 with the rosewood neck, and it felt much thicker than the 2 Custom 24s I played, so I'm thinking that they were the thin option. Does anyone have the specs of the actual size difference between the regular and the thin?
I'm also quite confused about which color is which. The guys helping me kept going back and forth, "this one is the amber black... NO, wait... THIS one is.. No wait, that's the smoked orange... wait..."
Are there any galleries that showcase each color on an actual guitar so I can be sure of what I'm ordering, haha? Thanks very much for any help! I can't wait for my guitar!