Hi Guys,
I'm just wondering has anybody got a certificate of origin for a PRS guitar, and where you can get them?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm currently in the process of importing a PRS ME into Australia, and theres a free trade agreement between the two countries, I believe my guitar was made in the USA (ie it's not an SE model), and I expect it complies with the rule - Has anyone experience in this and can you confirm it or otherwize.,

If it's not compliant, then I don't mind paying the $200 extra duty, but if it is compliant, than I would like to be able to supply the paper work, and use that extra cash on buying some stings.... I mean lets face it we already give the tax man enough right.... Why should I buy him his strings too :-)

Now I know someones going to write and say put in a false declaration and say the guitar is worth less than $1,000, and avoid all import dutes, but that's not going to happen, so please help.