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    Turn, Turn, Turn!

    To everything there is a season...

    Are two enough? Are three too many? Artist V, SC58, Sig...

    Ever since putting the Sig Ltd in my studio, I've felt I could cover my bases nicely with any two of the bunch. If I'm going to rock 3 instruments, I've decided that 3 solid bodies are too much of a good thing; one of them simply needs to be more different. A hollow body. So I decided that one of mine must go.

    The Sig's single coil tones and uniqueness took it off the table. It came down to picking between the SC58 and the Artist V in order to make my next move.

    The SC58 is a wonderful guitar with great pickups, but the Artist V just felt more unusually lively to me, it's just an incredible guitar. It is my #1 for solos.

    So even though the SC 58 was absolutely the prettiest of the bunch, IMHO, and had the most oomph and power, the SC has left the building.

    While I'm sad to see it go, I'm going to really take my time and think about my next move carefully. Because I have the basics covered at this point, I can take my time and enjoy the thinking/checking things out process.

    Incidentally, I know, I said they are all keepers, but in my lame defense I was getting paralysis by analysis when recording time rolled around. Now I can decide between two instead of three, and that's an improvement in my workflow. A hollow body will be a very different alternative.

    Maybe even a hollow 12...I dunno. Not even close to decision time for me yet.
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