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Looks great!
I also dealt with Jack at Northeast when I bought my Tremonti SE Custom .... great guy and awesome service!
I did a few mods to mine as well and I really love this guitar, especially the wide/thin neck!

* PRS 1985 Reissue T/B pickups
* Rewired all controls ala Les Paul
* Tusq nut
* PRS Phase II locking tuners
* Ebony buttons (not pictured)
* Schaller Strap Locks
* Tremol-no
* Personalized Truss Rod Cover
* Refinished Headstock w/ Signature logo

Did I mention I love this guitar?

Thanks man!! Yours looks great as well!! Nice mods!! I know what you mean...I love this guitar also!! I suggest a new trem dude....HUGE difference!!