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Thread: Forum Guitar Rev 2 Poll

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    Forum Guitar Rev 2 Poll

    REV 2: A less expensive option with better balance

    Model Name: FG22
    Scale/frets: 24.5"/22
    Hardware: Nickel
    Top: European Maple (to be hand-selected by Shawn Nuthall & Jack Higginbotham)
    Body: Regular PRS shape from heavy Mahogany (and then routed semi-hollow)
    Neck: Chaltecoco
    Fretboard: Black Ebony (polished)
    Frets: Standard PRS fretwire
    Headstock overlay: Match fretboard
    Headstock Design: Hand-signed by Paul (in gold metallic)
    Truss Rod Cover: Official Forum TRC
    Tuners: Phase 3 with faux ivory buttons to match cream pup rings
    Inlay: Mirror Birds (flying toward the headstock) MOP & Paua Heart
    Custom: Single f-hole on upper body
    Pickups: Starlas wound 10% hotter (brushed?)
    Control Layout: P22 Trem and McCarty 3-way for non-piezo bridges
    Finish: Raw or matte nitro on neck, thin glossy nitro on body
    Case: Silhouette, like Hollowbody case, in black tolex (Black Paisley is WAY too expensive)

    Only 3 options:
    1) Color: Natural with natural back, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th color to be determined
    2) Neck Carve: Santana, Pattern Regular, Pattern Thin
    3) Bridge: Piezo Trem, Regular Trem, Stoptail

    Dealer: Your usual PRS dealer.

    Leave a comment if there is a change that would move you from a definite no to a definite yes.

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    I am in for this, like the idea of brushed covers. Much cleaner and traditional look on a f hole guitar IMHO.
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    I don't want to steal anyone's thunder but Rev 4 is defined. I'll post it before I crash. This is the last Rev for the 1st forum guitar.
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    No problem Hans. Just thought this format might make things easier to track than combing through a 30+ page thread. If you do Rev 4 this way, and if anyone can find a description of Rev 1 like you did for 2 & 3, you could put that up and see which gets the most support.
    (Although your Rev 4 tease sounds harder to resist than any of these).

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    Rev 4 will be the sawed off shotgun of electric guitars.
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