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Thread: Forum Birthday Countdown: "10"

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    Forum Birthday Countdown: "10"

    April 23rd 2013 is the big day! Today marks the beginning of the celebration. Let's start with a look into where we've been.

    Go back through the pages and list your top 10 "Official PRS Forum" threads.

    Extra points if you put a link to those threads in your response.

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    1. Private Stock Friday - Shawn takes time out of his day to give us our fix of the most insane PRS being made. This is THE thread and Shawn is THE man.

    2. The "Kissing Shawn's @ss Thread" - Shawn DESERVES.

    3. Before and After: Wood to Guitar - My main man Pete, Lord of Crazy Wood, started this thread. If you can't get your fix here I feel for you.

    4. The "Forum" Guitar - Great idea. Really hoping with pull this off in a big way. Would be amazing.

    5. Artist Guitars - PTC - Where else would you see guitars from Santana and Steve Austin in the same thread?!

    6. 3 Mike 7-12 - Yep that's right. A 12 turned into a 7 by PTC.

    7. I dream in Paisley......... - I remember being at CR's pad and him telling me about his idea. It was so obvious but so mind blowing awesome at the same time. Glad it happened for him. Thanks for all the demo's CR. You rule.

    8. Truss Rod Cover Finals - We agreed on something! It gave us some momentum to make another push on the forum guitar.

    9. The Song Title Game - More hits than the PSF thread is a serious accomplishment.

    10. Even Better Than I'd hoped... - Not only did PTC knock it out of the park...again. But artist involvement is really cool. Thanks for sharing Bryan.
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    I had a blast with this one: It was so much more fun than the "real" thing.

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    I love PS Friday because I get to post cool pics and this one because it was an amazing experience.

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    I had a lot of fun with this one. It forced me to learn how to best add photos from my phone, Ipad or PC.

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    01. Private Stock Friday - the best there is, and the best there ever will be, of threads.

    02. 3 Mike 7-12 - One of the best things in my life - documented!

    03. PTC Artist Guitars - So cool to see who swings by the factory!

    04. The Raven - A beast was created.... and it will destroy us all!

    05. 2013 Indy Mini-Experience! - One of the best times ever. I miss these guys every single day we're not together!

    06. Progressive-metal - These are my jams!

    07. PTC Project - 86' Swirl - If we were in ancient Greece, Scotty would be the one carving the statues of gods.

    08. Shawn Visits Abbey Road! - Such a cool trip, I wish I got to visit places like that as a kid.

    09. PTC- From Cool to Drool! - First PTC project for me and the spark that lit the fuse!

    10. Private Stock Friday - Again.... Greatest.Thread. Ever.
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