Hi all

Great forum you have here, and I LOVE PRS guitars.

The missus has finally given me the go ahead to order my first new PRS, and its an artist package.

I've settled on a few specs:

Flame top
Flame Maple neck and fingerboard
Hybrid hardware

What I'm having trouble with is the colour. I generally like greens or blues, but there is alot of different choices.

I've been flipping between Trampas Green and Teal Black at this stage, but theres a heap of colours listed on the artist package options that I'm having trouble finding decent pictures of.

What I'm asking is that if any of you that have blue or green PRS that you think are an outstanding colour, could you please post photo's with the name of the colour?

I won't get to order another one for a long long time, if ever, so I want to make sure I make the right choice. Thats part of the reasoning for getting the Artist package - to ensure that it looks and plays incredible.

I'm in Perth, Western Australia, and I've tried looking in the local PRS dealers, but they dont really have much in the way of blue or green in stock currently.