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Thread: About to order my first new PRS - Artist Package. Could use your help!

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    I will chime in.

    If you are playing modern rock/metalcore/punk then I THINK you would be happiest with your original combo of maple/maple or maple/ebony. Mahogany/ebony and Mahogany/rosewood would work as well; a classic combo that would be a little darker and broader in the midrange. Now, I don't own a SC58 or a SC245, but I do own a McCarty rosewood (rosewood neck and board) and a PS singlecut with a Rosewood neck and ebony board. I play similar music as you and the two rosewood neck guitars are not my first choice for that type of playing. Much better for clean to moderate gain settings. Keep in mind that a full rosewood neck changes the guitars tonality considerably.....much more IMO than going from a mahogany to maple neck!! To me, a mahogany or maple neck will be more focused sounding; much better for fast and technical playing. Now, this is my opinion. There are certainly folks on here that swear by rosewood necks for any style of music. I really think you should try to find a bunch with specs similar to what you want to play so you can really be sure before you plunk down on an AP.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, its been very helpful. Will let you know what I end up going with.

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