It's been a long time. I guess they deleted me since its been so long lol. I stopped coming when I sold me SE.

Anyways I got an '09 10 top custom 24 used at GC today (yesterday, it's after midnight lol). It has the outline birds whatever those are called lol, and has the toggle/pp mod.

Black cherry. I don't have pics yet so I know it really doesn't exist yet

its in used condition so there's a couple bumps and a chip out of the end of the head. One on the body it missing paint. I'll either touch it up or send it in. Probably just drop fill it. It's small.

The best part is it has 59/09s in it. That's a $400 upgrade. Woot!

The stock case wasn't with it. It came with a GC rectangle molded one. I have a spare Fender case ill try it in. It just as we'll those plywood rectos weigh a ton.

All in all
Im really happy with it. One thing ill have to get used to is the wide neck. I like the extra room for my fingers but the extra width feels strange. It feels wider than my Gibbys but its not bad, just an adjustment. I have big hands and can play anything lol.

Im looking forward to catching up with what's been going on here.