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Thread: Forum Birthday Countdown: "9"

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    Forum Birthday Countdown: "9"

    April 23rd 2013 is the big day! Yesterday marked the beginning of the celebration and we took a sojourn to the past. Today we'll look to the future.

    There are 9 days to go so let's see "9" of your favorite photos of PRS guitars in-progress from the Private Stock team or modifications from the PTC.
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    1.) Those Firebird Inlays!

    2.) Great Top!

    3.) More Firebirds

    4.) In the works...

    5.) Blue amps rule!

    6.) Awesome looking fretboard!

    7.) Just.... yes!

    8.) More fantastic inlays!

    9.) Just too cool!

    Very hard to just choose 9!
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    I like seeing things that I've never seen before.

    Sometimes you only get a taste of what's possible.

    And get a mouthful of something you never really expected.

    But these lessons are valuable. They teach us to let go of the things that don't matter; to laugh at ourselves when we (the consumers) take guitars a little too seriously.

    So I like to think of our little corner of the world like a 6-Flags (or 6-Headstocks) roller coaster. One minute you're down and then you see something simple that just changes everything.

    And the timing is just about as perfect as Autumn after a long, hot, summer.

    We stick around season after season because we know we belong here. There's a lot of trust that comes from knowing PRS would saw in half a guitar we might adore.

    And that they can make our worn/broken guitars whole again.

    Or turn them into something completely new.

    So whatever happens next, I'm glad we've got a front row seat!
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    Insane everywhere this thing

    The inlays and finish match really well which I like. And it's an HB?!

    Floyd is an animal.


    The picture that started the black paisley craze.

    These birds are amazing.

    Really nice neck lineup.

    My kind of top.

    Another nice lineup.
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